Chaohai Ding

Chaohai Ding and Yunjia Li (University of Southampton) have enriched the Talk of Europe dataset in several ways during the first creative camp. Please visit this website for a demonstration of their work.


  • Look into the data (dump the data locally using 4store to host the RDF);
  • Enrich the data (use the NLP tools to extract the topic, sentiments and summaries of the debates);
  • Write back to the data set real time (use SPARQL 1.1 to update the local store by using lp:cate, lp:sentiment and lp:sum);
  • Data Visualization (D3.js, Leaflet.js, Node js);
  • From 4-star Linked Data to 5-star Linked Data (add owl:sameAs to other resource on the Web);
  • Future work: mining the data with background of MPs and see how do they make decisions.